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The Secret Garden Distillery asked us to help them evolve their brand, create a bespoke bottle and new label design for their range of core gins. A fundamental part of this project was to communicate their history, unique methods, and beliefs - everything they do being ‘Rooted in Nature’.

The Secret Garden Distillery bottle design draws inspiration from Kilner air-tight storage jars, reflecting the distillery's practice of storing hand-dried ingredients directly from the garden. Its low, grounded shape is both organic and robust, designed for comfort and the perfect serve.

Inspired by Scotland's seasonal contrasts, a sculpted, dormant juniper emboss features on the bottle's front obscuring the garden's hidden bounty. The wooden stopper, shaped like a gardener's dibber, and a worker bee landing on top symbolises the bond between gardener and nature.

Ultimately, the bottle embodies the essence of wise gardening, sustainability and expert distilling, with directions from the owners being the only real secret to finding the garden!
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