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Stranahan’s is distilled ‘one mile high’ in Denver, Colorado. The first advanced micro-distillery in the state to legally make whiskey.

The story of Stranahan’s started when a volunteer firefighter called Jess Graber responded to his neighbour George Stranahan’s long-time brewery owner, and whiskey connoisseur barn fire in 1998. When the fire settled, the two discovered a shared passion for the Colorado outdoors and a dram of fine whiskey. From this relationship, Stranahan’s Single Malt American Whiskey was born. 

We created a unique bottle design with internal screw 'jigger' top, subtle 'C' shape in the base was inspired by the flag of Colorado. Step change brand identity development and label refresh for Stranahan's Original, Diamond Peak, Sherry Cask and super-rare Snowflake.

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