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The Stauning story starts with nine friends: a doctor, a chef, a butcher, a teacher, a helicopter pilot, and four engineers. They embarked on a journey with two small pot stills, an old butchery, and a shared dream to create whisky on Denmark's west coast.

Surrounded by vast skies, moorland, and 200 kilometers of shifting dunes, their inspiration came from the elements – wind, sea, fields, heather, peat, and Denmark's pristine water sources. Using locally grown rye and barley, alongside traditional floor-malting and small fire-heated pot stills, the nine friends transformed their vision into reality.

For the packaging of Stauning Whisky, a collaborative effort unfolded in two stages. Partnering with Everland in Sweden, they designed the distinctive bottle. Subsequently, the 'distillery roof inspired' labels for each whisky variant were created by us, completing this design journey.
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