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The English Herbarium range pays homage to Cambridge Distilleries origins - a journey through English country gardens. 

From Grantchester meadows to Cambridge University botanic garden, this collection of multi-award-winning gins are made from fresh botanicals resulting in a unique aromatic experience.

Cambridge Distillery was founded on the principle that no two botanicals are identical and need to be treated individually. To achieve this, a unique novo-dimensional distillation matrix was developed in which temperature, timing and pressure were just three of the nine variables that they use to tailor the treatment of each botanical.
This means they can distill the freshest and most delicate botanicals and achieve a level of precision vastly beyond that of traditional distillation.

Our design for the Cambridge distillery identity suggests the science and artistry behind the making of the gin. The label backdrops evokes a layered journey through an English country garden.

Cambridge Distillery Gin. Brand identity, Packaging design.
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